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Producing the finest wedding flowers requires a lot more than skill and knowledge, it also need experience, understanding and love of flowers.

I have spent many years honing my skills as a florist but my joy is in producing floral bouquets and arrangements that really exhibit the desires of the bride. This is reflected very much in the feedback I get.

To produce floral art to the high standard that was once expected requires techniques that are seldom taught today. At “The Vintage Flower Company” we take pride in the very high standards that were prevalent in years gone by. Varieties have changed but some flowers endure, roses, lilies in various forms, along with fragrant lily of the valley and stephanotis are still popular.

Throughout the 1940’s and 50’s orchids were also very popular, Queen Elizabeth’s bouquet comprised three varieties. Orchids are of very special interest to me and my husband; in fact we spend a lot of time hunting for them in remote areas of northern India such as Sikkim and Nagaland. There is a small gallery of wild orchids which we have photographed which may be of interest to you.

For brides looking for a vintage style we can suggest modern alternatives to the flowers used in bygone times. However this is where technique is so important to really achieve a period look. The understanding of expensive blooms and how to best show them needs time and passion.

As you may have gathered I very much enjoy producing styles that are described as vintage, but at “The Vintage Flower Company” we also put our knowledge and skills into more modern work and have had great fun doing more modern and even funky themes. Importantly we always strive for the highest quality.

The rest of my team include my husband who has been in the flower trade even longer than I and has been a buyer of flowers from all over the world and is a font of knowledge when it come to varieties and availability. This is so important because when we advise brides we really have real expertise behind us. There are also senior florists who have real talent and are being honed to the high standards I require, along with other florists who are undergoing training with us as well as attending formal floristry courses.

 Jenny Slater

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